I have a theory about why black cats are bad luck. And I’m not going to google it to discover the truth. This is my theory.

So back in the day, there was a spate of people being found dead, with only a black cat circling the corpse. They people died in the most terrible of ways: broken necks, blunt force trauma, and other macabre ways. Well, it must be the cat, right?

Yes. The black cat is murdering people. Perhaps it is not premeditated…

Since I adopted Dickens, he has nearly upended me about a gazillion times (look at that picture – he blends perfectly with my leg). His fur is so black that I simply don’t see him at night. He just…blends and there is *nothing* he likes better than weaving between my legs as I go up and down stairs.

So these people from back in the day…don’t see their black cats cuz they just blend so well. They’re going up or down the stairs, trip, tumble, tumble, tumble, crack, damn I just broke my neck and now I’m dead.

The corpse is discovered with this (adorable) black cat hovering around. Then it happens again and again and BOOM – black cats are unlucky. Which, I guess they kinda would be