So I just got back from the Maui Writer’s Conference. There was no sudden bolt of interest from an Agent or Publisher. Not that I really expected that to happen.

But I guess it got me thinking about my career which is an important thing. My career. Well, I guess I haven’t really had a career because of my lack of success up to this point. There was Gardenia, but I think in the long run, it’s better that it never happened. There’s an instance where I didn’t trust my instincts.

So now I’m a year later. No book. No publisher.

I have to treat this like a business. Because this is a business. They treat it like a business. So will I. So I’m going to draw up a business plan. Do a weekly work schedule.

The plan will encompass my desire to continue writing, to explore new markets, and perhaps go into self publishing. Do you realize that if I sold 5000 books a year with self publishing, that I would be well enough off to be self sustaining? I’m talking real self-publishing, not those vanity publishers.