The story rejected was The Sorcerer’s Wife…my first short story written after Banff. I thought it was a relatively good tale, and still think it’s pretty good.

I already have it packaged up and ready to go out to Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine — I’ll make sure to mail it out today.

This, I think, will be the last time I post about my rejections…because I’ll be receiving a lot of them (I’ll get up to triple digits in no time). I might post some of the better ones, but not the generic ‘sorry, you suck’ letters that I receive far too much.

I am working on other things…I still have to finish my final edit of Dead Letter Office, and I’m editing The Nameless. Also working on plotting The Secret of Folloman Finn but I’m not actually writing which is always a danger. I might write something this week, if even an exercise.