I finished editing the first chapter of Curse of the Black Swan. Wow, one chapter in four months. Anyway, it was kind of a stand-alone story that became the beginning of a novel.

So I decided to package it up and send it out to Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine. Why not?

In other, more exciting (or perhaps not more exciting, but definitely more pink) Paige’s room is now finished. This IS a princess room (though I still think that Cordy is going to fight her for the role of princess…). We have two colours of pink, with a white band in the middle. I’ll get a picture later — we just moved her back in tonight…so no pictures right now.

The ensuite bathroom is pretty close to being finished. The tile is in, and the tempered glass is being measured for installation next week. All in all, we should be finished the 3rd bedroom, Cordy’s room, Paige’s Room, Craft room (basement), Basement Bedroom, TV Room (basement), and the Laundry room this weekend. Phew, that’s a lot of rooms. Which is good because we have lots of junk.

Then we can relax for a while…until we buy our house.