I finished The Sorcerer’s Wife today. I’m moderately pleased. The only problem is that I’m waaaay over my target word count. I wanted to be at 5000 words. I’m at 7500. Yikes. And only seven scenes.

Scene 1: Graveyard
Scene 2: Chemical Tanker
Scene 3: Sam’s Flat (cut possibly?)
Scene 4: Sorcerer’s Apartment
Scene 5: NHB Fight Bar
Scene 6: Hospital with the Troll
Scene 7: Opera

So I guess I need to cut two of those. I can cut Sam’s flat. It gives insight into his character…but with only 5000 words, I probably need to get rid of that.

So far, it has been a very busy weekend. I’m impressed I’ve had any time at all to write. On the house front, we got the plumbing all roughed in (drains, vents, and supply) and a ton of the drywall. Of course, I don’t do any of that exciting stuff. Mostly, I’m stuck pulling nails, staples, and putting in shims and other mundane task so that the expensive workers never have to stop…