I don’t write on ryanmcfadden.com for so long…and now I have like 8 posts in the past 5 days. Why now? Well, obviously, now my writing is in the spotlight. How am I going to succeed (how am I going to measure that success), what are my goals, how can I get there…

So this space is a great place to list my goals, my plans. So that they’re somewhere, posted, like a list so I don’t forget.

I need a game plan. I’m always trying to come up with one. It’s funny, because I actually came up with a game plan a few years ago but never executed. The game plan was simple. I based it on marketing.

My brand.

The brand of Ryan T McFadden.

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting my plan here so that it becomes official, so that I can’t duck it.