Lots of little tidbits that I thought I’d post:

– sent a condensed version of The Sorcerer’s Wife to On Spec magazine. With Eileen’s help this was chopped down to under 6000 words. The original was nearly 8000 words, which is 2000 too long for most markets.

– sent Drawing Dead to the Writer’s of the Future Contest. This is a contest funded by the estate of L Ron Hubbard (the guy who created Scientology). I didn’t know much about Scientology so I went to Wikipedia. Crazy stuff. Regardless, this has nothing to do with the religion, only with the contest — which is one of the best genre contests there is. And it’s free (many contests have large entry fees…which make them more like gambling).

– finished the Nameless — my fifth novel. Did two edits on it and now it’s out to my readers (Kari, a real reader) and my virtual readers (Eileen and Bev). Then after that, I’ll have to make some fixes, then out to the agents.

– getting ready for my virtual friends to become real friends at the end of the month. Of course, Eileen hasn’t booked her plane tickets yet (hint, hint) but it should be fun. We’re going to do our usual (lines of coke, orgies, you know, the stuff that writers do) and prepare for next months World Fantasy Convention (when I try to put on my salesman’s face and pitch myself to editors and agents).

– ready to get back into writing The Secret of Folloman Finn. I’m at 30,000 words now…probably another 90,000 to go.