I reached 5000 words of Folloman Finn this weekend. Why, that’s 5% of an entire novel! Except beginnings are always easy for me (as are endings). Things always bog down closer to the middle when ‘stuff happens’. Still, I’m pleased that I’m proceeding.

Things should be pretty easy sailing until about the 8th chapter. Things could start to slow down then. But I won’t reach the 8th chapter probably for another two to three months.

More renos this weekend. Actually, the interior renovation of the project is complete (except for quarter round installed around baseboards). Yay! Now we’re into the ‘fixing stuff’ phase. And lots and lots of painting. The house will be listed May 1st (meeting the real estate agent this Thursday). I’ve been refinishing trim, painting, minor patch work…

Of course, the outside requires lots of work. Fixing storms, windows, parging, fixing stairs…and painting.

It’s going to be the little things that will sell this house. We ‘restored’ a chandelier today. Cost us $12. $4 for spray paint (Kari’s idea) and then $8 for the crystals. Looks like $300 bucks. Things like that are what make us money (hopefully). When I’m finished, I’m going to put here the cost breakdown room by room.

Then we’ll be getting out of the flipping business for a while. Especially in this price range. Just too much cash for me to handle. Maybe rentals next?