Look, a blasted landscape.

Yes, all my initial thoughts of Winnipeg were confirmed this weekend. It’s cold. It’s flat. And it’s cold. With no pants it felt even colder.

Bev hosted Eileen and me this past weekend to do some writerly things. Writerly things usually involves lots of alcohol and running around naked but this time we decided to focus on writing (I know, weird).

I submitted my latest story (Face of Evil) to Talebones magazine after a couple of edits from the gals. After Eileen and Bev decided to go to bed early at 1am one night, I decided to stay up and do some more work; submitted Curse of the Black Swan to Roc books.

Then we pestered Bev into submitting one of her stories. I have this weird theory I keep telling her about — that if you want to publish, you have to submit. I know, I know, it’s a crazy theory, but one worth exploring.

On Friday night there was Indian Food (one of the best Indian restaurants I’ve been too). June Cleaver…I mean Bev, was a fantastic host.

Started on a new short story (Performance of a Lifetime). Didn’t get a huge word count (1500 words) but I wasn’t too upset — these short stories normally take a while to write. As we discussed on the weekend, with short word counts (under 4000), you really have to find the story. Almost a little slice of life (but still with beginning, middle, and end).

All in all, a great weekend. Winnipeg is a great ‘far-away’ destination for me. From London airport to Winnipeg airport is usually a 3 hour door to door trip. I get to the airport 45 minutes before departure, and the flight is 2 hours. Since both airports are small, there are no crazy lines and security is quick.