Okay, I said October 20th I’d have my first short story done. And I do…sort of. The problem is that I’m not really moving in a linear direction. I’ve edited an old short story (Dance of the Dead), wrote a new one (The Sorcerer’s Wife) and have outlined a new story(Drawing Dead).

Plus I’ve jotted down two other ideas for Nathaniel (both prequels to the novel Curse of the Black Swan).

Now, thanks to Eileen and Bev, I’ve just about completed the second draft of The Sorcerer’s Wife. They really helped me tighten it up. Then it goes to the main writing group to be critiqued again — and in about a month I’ll hear back.

So you can see that the process takes two months from beginning to end.

Once everything is finished, I’ll be posting them on this site (for free). You just have to register and you can download them to your computer.

It’s also been a crazy busy month (as usual). Our closing date for our house has been moved back three weeks — which allows us 3 more weeks to work on the renos. If all goes well, by November 17th we’ll have all the heavy lifting over with (3 bathrooms, a kitchen, all drywall, plumbing, heating, and electrical). Then we’ll spend the next few months on landscaping, trim…the small details.