The poor bad guy. Why does no one cry for them? They work hard. They have determination. And they have vision. See what happens when they return home after a rough day at the battlefield/office/matrix/attic co-edited by Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood – Forthcoming from Dragon Moon Press (August 2012).

What’s that you say? My name is in the Table of Contents? Why so it is!

My story is called Back in the Day. Vernon Archer has turned in his guns for a suit. He says the boardroom is no less vicious than the streets, but for one night, he’s about to find out — for one final job before he retires (when will these people realize there is no such thing as one final job?)

This is a top-notch table of contents. You can find it here:

When the Villain Comes Home is actually the followup to When the Hero Comes Home, a most excellent collection.

When the Villain Comes Homes will be available in August and I’ll be posting links as they become available.