The best show on TV (Battlestar Galactica) went out with a whimper…and a lot of unanswered questions, and those that were answered, were completely unsatisfying. Spoilers below (though I’d say the writers already spoiled it).

Okay, so Kara Thrace is a ghost?  Really?  REALLY?

– what’s with the opera house?  They never actually used it.

– why was Hera so important?  I get it, she’s the first ‘human’…but why did it matter if she died or not?  It didn’t.

– Why did Adama leave?  Wouldn’t he want to be with his son?  That just didn’t ring true.

– Who was God?  They said he didn’t like that name.

It was also a copout that everything was blamed on God.  Destiny, blah, blah,

How a show that was so good so fall so flat is truly amazing.