Though I haven’t been posting much, there’s actually a lot that’s been happening — just not finalized. The biggest thing, as the title suggests, Kari and I aren’t going bankrupt. That’s a good thing.

By getting away from our gameplan (renovating houses that we could live in in case we can’t sell them right away) we’ve been saddled with a big house and an even bigger debt. Okay, let me rephrase that. CRIPPLING debt.

Firstline refinanced us — amortized over 85 years or something ridiculous. It gives us the cash we need to pay off high interest (or interest free loans that are expiring) and pay a more reasonable interest rate (prime -0.85%).

In fact, I have in my hands, a cheque for $70,000. By the time you see me (or talk to me, or whatever) I will have approximately zero dollars in my hands. And we’ll still be operating on a monthly deficit (small, but still a deficit) but it’ll give us a lot more room to sell the house.

Then, when we finally sell the house, we’ll be able to transfer that equity somewhere else…