After approximately five months in a drawer, I pulled out the Secret of Folloman Finn and began to get to work. For those five months, I wasn’t necessarily writing up a storm, but I did manage to complete six short stories that are currently completing the rounds. But short stories are not easy for me — and it takes a lot of energy to complete one.

The Secret of Folloman Finn, however, is more my comfort zone. I was at 46K a week ago and now I’m hovering around the 50K mark. My thinking is that this one will top out at 120K. I am hoping that by the time I’m finished Folloman, I’ll have sold a few more short stories and I can begin (again) of looking for an agent.

Then I would have a decent publishing record, plus several completed novels (two Nathaniel novels…two Luthar Draugin novels…plus a dark-fantasy novel called the Nameless).