What’s the story with this site? Why are those silly things on the side of your page that lead me to believe I can buy books that don’t exist?

Well, just before Banff, I was thinking of self-publishing. I was going to offer my books over my website in both hard format (an actual book) and in e-format.

Rob Sawyer had several interesting comments on the subject of self-publishing and convinced me that instead of spending the time doing that, I should be spending my time editing and polishing my work to get it accepted at a big publishing house (what would you rather do: sell 200 copies or 10,000).

I’ve been so busy, however, that I haven’t had time to revamp the site.
Brian < a href="http://chronicology.com">Brian developed five sites for me…and instead of scrapping them, we’re going to keep them as marketing tools — but without the ability to buy my books.

I’ll be offering short stories, excerpts, and that type of thing…but staying away from the actual selling.