I have a simple request. Please take notes if you need to.

Let’s say you’re making a movie. Great. Then give it a name. For the sake of argument, let’s call it There Will Be Blood.

Okay, I’m with you. Great title. But remember one thing: There had better be freaking blood! I want valleys of blood. Remember the Shining? Remember the waves of blood coming down the hallway? Exactly. That movie could’ve been called There Will Be Blood.

Now, don’t get me wrong — this was a decent movie (long, however — Brian’s girl bladder couldn’t hold out the entire movie)…but there was a lot of oil. Damn, Daniel Day-Lewis was one greasy bastard, but the blood was more of a dribble.

Imagine Jaws without the shark. Star Wars without the wars (I guess it would be called 2001), imagine XXX without the money shot. And damn it, I kept waiting for the blood like I was waiting for the money shot. It never came…errr, never happened.

I want blood.

Give me blood.