16749_1245840196699_1550232299_30652487_1238335_nMy Women of the Apocalypse book tour led into Winnipeg this past weekend.   You know, for being a blasted landscape, I quite like Winnipeg.  Maybe because of it’s insular qualities, there’s a thriving art community, and there a gazillion top-notch restaurants (as I was told numerous times, it has more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in Canada).

Luckily, I had Bev Geddes as my tour guide.  First, she took me to Aquabooks — a truly awesome used book store with an upper floor designed exclusively for readings.  The MC Kelly Hughes…well, he’s a natural talker/performer.  Learned a thing or two about public readings. First thing I learned — even some big-name writers really need to figure out how to do public readings (you’re not reporting the news, people!  It’s supposed to be entertaining). Karen Dudley, from Bev’s writing group, did a fabulous job.

Then, Bev had a party inviting 1 or 30 of her closest friends.  Sold more books.  Drank some rum.  Did a reading.  Drank some more rum.  A really fun time.

Saturday afternoon I was off to McNally Robinson Booksellers.  They had a gorgeous display for the book.  Sadly, my energy level (and courage levels) are at an all-time low after the whirlwind tour of the last few weeks.  I knew I should’ve been canvasing the store beforehand, attracting interest, handing out bookmarks, kissing babies…
Did another reading — signed a few books.

I have to make a few stops over the next couple of weeks — but I plan on keeping things fairly low key.  I need to recharge.  The initial launch (for me) is over, but now begins the marathon.