…and my windshield wipers didn’t work.

Crap. It wasn’t just the heavens, it was all the water from inside Noah’s ark (wait, is that right?) dumping onto the mini-van in a split second, while I’m in the middle turning lane on Exeter Road…and the damn wipers wouldn’t work.

Luckily, my back wiper worked, so I could see the cars ready to slam into me, but going forward didn’t work so well. I thought about perhaps pulling a Bo and Luke type driving stunt by driving backwards (I’m serious) but I was sure that it would end up like a Coy and Vance type driving escapade (for the ladies out there — Coy and Vance were…oh, never mind).

Then the hail came.

Now luckily, the windshield washer still worked…so I gave a little squirt, you know, just to clean things up a bit.

At this point, the van was a rocking (but not in a good way) and I’m pretty much dead on Exeter, unable to move, unable to see…and waiting for Moses and his ark (or was it Abraham…I don’t know…whoever owns an ark) to come scoop me up.

I couldn’t see out of any windows, and the winds were threatening to tip me (okay, they weren’t, but it seemed that way). This is where everyone will tell you stories about the school bus on two wheels and such…but how anyone could see is beyond me.

What’s the point of my story?

I’m cheap. After the rains passed, I headed to my mechanic’s. To fix the windshield wipers would cost about $350. To get just the driver’s side wiper fixed…free.

You an probably figure out which I chose. Because after all, why does the passenger need to see?