I informed Gardenia that I would not be proceeding with publication through them. Just not right for me at this time. Nathaniel is too good of a story to simply sacrifice to the publishing Gods in an effort to get that first ‘step’ in my professional career.

I don’t know if I’ll get my money back for the 100 copies I pre-purchased. Pretty much I’m last on the list. Bob Collins swears he’ll pay me back but the guy is paying this back with his earnings from his job.

Not to be calloused after Elizabeth’s death, but did they not have a will setup? Did they not have life insurance? Did they not have a sound business plan? Why did they not try to sell Gardenia? The whole situation just doesn’t make sense to me.

Either way, I’m embarking on my new direction with confidence, knowing that my books are good that they will eventually be published, hopefully with a top name in the industry.

The Nameless (my newest work) is my latest hope. But I’ve also sent out Maw of the Defiler (my second) to be professionally edited, and Nathaniel (my fourth) has been sent to Daw.