A countdown is usually reserved for special occasions, or I guess the final seconds of a nuclear bomb our heroes so valiantly strive
to stop.

I guess this is a bit of both.

Nathaniel will be published February 28th, which just so happens to be due date of my first child. I’m sure there’s some metaphor wrapped in their easily enough but I’ll let you work to find it.

In the remaining 8 months to publication, I must work to ready my marketing strategies (this page is only a small part of what I need to do), finish my final edits of ‘Nathaniel’ and obviously get out there to promote, promote, promote.

I think ‘Nathaniel’ can be the spring board to something big. If you haven’t read anything about him yet I can sum it up in one small word: me. He’s cocky, confident, and always one step ahead of the competition. Or rather, I should say he thinks he’s always one step ahead. Really, he screws up just about everything
but his indominable spirit keeps him going.

I hope I have the same spirit as I work towards my goal.

February 28th.