The Sorcerer’s Wife must be very lonely. She keeps getting rejected. This time from Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy. How sad.

I sent it to Jim Baen’s Universe today They reply in 2-10 days. So that’s at least positive. The ‘not-so-positive’ was they show all the submissions from other writers. There were at least ten a day. Wow, that’s a lot of submissions. And that’s what I’m fighting against. The editorial staff usually spend 30 seconds to a minute on each manuscript. They don’t care if the story is wonderful — because they’ll never get to it. They’re looking to reject a story.

I need that one break. To get that break, I have to make it a numbers game, I guess. Write more, send out more. More rejections.

I should probably start another project…I have one in mind that I’ve been mulling over for several months. It’s about an assassin who ‘jumps’ into someone else’s body for a job. When the job goes south, the assassin is stuck in that body and the accompanying identity.

His identity – a world famous stage actor. The assassin continues in this role, becoming an actor in his own right…forgetting about his days as a killer. Until the day when his body comes looking for him…

Still working on the outline for the Secret of Folloman Finn. I’m on Chapter 3 still. I’ve done extensive outlines for Chapters 1, 2, 6, and 7. So I’m getting there. I’m just not writing which can always be a danger.