I asked Paige if she was excited to go see Kung Fu Panda. She considered this a moment, then looked at me as if about to discuss particle physics and said ‘Dad, I can see you’re really excited but I’m not as excited as you are. Don’t worry, I’ll watch it and eat some popcorn and then in a few weeks it’ll become my favourite movie as I’ll want to watch it over and over. But right now I’m not very excited.”

Yes, my daughter is 4 going on 44. One of the constant battles I (we) have with her is she’s too smart. She outwits us at every turn. Sure, it sounds cute, but it’s not (when it’s happening to you). We’ve bought all the positive parenting books, and we’ve tried the techniques, but damn it…they work about a day before she realizes how to twist them to suit her evil purposes.

Anyways, back to less ‘arch-villain’ matters and onto Kung Fu Panda. I left Cordy at home (too small) and it was a good thing. Who would think that a movie with “Kung Fu” in the name would have so much fighting in it? Well, it did. Lots of fighting. And it scared the pants off Paige.

The animation was top notch and it was one of the better family-affairs that I’ve seen in a while. Of course, it was better — it has some ultra-cool fight scenes (which again, scared the pants off Paige) and at times, was a little too grown-up. Six or seven year olds would love it. Or as Paige proclaimed after the movie: “It was a little scary because I’m only four. But I think when I’m five, it’ll be my favourite movie — so please buy it for me on my birthday”.

Wise words indeed. Wise words.