I recreated the main character, as well. While I had fleshed him out somewhat (I knew his personality) I didn’t know how he existed in the real world.

Now he’s a professional risk-taker, who through several bad-breaks, came upon his profession: Search and Rescue for the Canadian Armed Forces.

After his discharge, he assembled a team of like minded individuals to form Northern Watch Search, Rescue, and Retrieval. The team consists of 8, including his best friend Jason Flaherty.

These 8 are all professionals and many help lesson his own weaknesses: impulsive and fool-hardiness.

Again, the name Logan Constinople just doesn’t work. It’s too…well, mystical (the name Constinople obviously taken from Constanople of the Eastern Empire).

So these are names that I have come up with:

  • Sam Madigan
  • Nicholas Colby
  • Travis Brophy
  • Nathan Finn

I really like Nathan Finn. The problem is that I’ve already used the name Nathaniel in another book. What’s with the name Nathaniel? But Nathan Finn immediately makes me think of this character. I could always play around with some names, rearranging them. Such as Nicholas Finn. That one sounds pretty cool, too.