This was not a good week for me. Not bad because of more renovation disasters or alien invaders. Bad because of the worst enemy of all…

Daylight savings. That infernal creation designed during the Spanish Inquisition, designed solely to disrupt mentally and physically prisoners when the Iron Maiden (the torture device, not the band) just wouldn’t suffice.

Those of you without kids are saying ‘wha?’ but those of you with kids are nodding knowingly. Because that extra hour of sleep that the media promises us — it doesn’t exist. Because Paige doesn’t listen to the radio, or read the newspapers (of course, I think she’s a genius, but she’s not quite reading yet…but I digress) so she decides that getting up extra early is still the thing to do.

Then, Cordy decides that sleeping through the night is over rated. So she gets up more now then she did as a newborn. Fantastic.

Plus, this stupid illness just won’t let go. I’m not sick. I’m not well. My throat scratches, but isn’t sore. My head hurts, but doesn’t ache. You get the idea. Feel sorry for me yet? Yeah, me neither.

Either way, my lack of energy has been my undoing this week. I wanted to finish my latest short story but I’m always so tired. The house renovations have picked up but again, I’m too tired to help much (I’ve mostly been supervising).

Also this weekend was Cordelia’s baptism. So she officially has a name. Up until Sunday, she was officially known as ‘Hey You’. But now we can call her Cordmeister, or Cordy, or even (gasp), Cordelia.