Saw a fantastic movie tonight. Children of Men. It’s a great premise — what if all the women in the world were suddenly infertile? No one, anywhere, can have a baby. It could’ve been a great sci-fi movie, with ideas and theories about what would happen if we couldn’t leave a legacy…because the human race will simply die off within one generation.

This movie didn’t go that route, but instead had more of a feel of 28 Days Later, a complete dystopia, the world a dreadful place of pain and suffering. I don’t want to give away too much, but let’s say that Britain isn’t a very nice place anymore.

Then, what happens if one woman is suddenly pregnant, 18 years after the last baby was born? This is pretty much where the movie begins.

It is shot through one POV. And the writing sometimes failed (because of only one POV, there were scenes where the character had to listen through a window to find out what was happening). And as Eileen would say: a couple of infodumps (where two characters would basically have a conversation for the soul purpose of letting the audience know the backstory).

A great movie. Violent. A gritty violent that seemed all too real. Interesting that the main character never picks up a gun. Not once. And there are LOTS of guns, especially near the end.