With the busy ‘work’ season behind me, I’ve turned nearly all my attention to my book, both Nathaniel and my current work in progress tentively titled The UnBelonging. I’m not fixed on the name, but we’ll see how it works out.

I’m excited about both projects, especially now that there’s time available. I’ve vowed to never let myself get that busy again.

I’m 1/4 of the way finished the main edit of Nathaniel. It’s a pretty intensive edit and I should be finished in about two weeks. I resisted the editors at first but now I see that these changes really are for the best.

As for the UnBelonging, I’m finished Act I (if there can be such a thing with a novel) and I’m stuck in the mire of Act II. However, I watched a horrid movie yesterday called Alex and Emma. It was about a writer who didn’t know what was going to happen in his book but was going to let the characters decide what was to happen.

For the first time, I’m going to give that a try. I have the general direction but I didn’t know how to get over some of the bumps along the way. Maybe I’ll let the characters figure out how to get over the bumps.

I finally figured out the ending (after going through all my diaries for the Unbelonging) so now I have the end point that they are aiming for. The ending right now is ambiguous…I have an end point that can change depending on how the characters play out. I figured it’s like a roleplaying game. It should be interesting to
see what happens.

My goal is to have my edit finished for Nathaniel before I go on vacation, that way I can work on Unbelonging and hopefully crank out 25,000 words or so while I’m gone.