A nice little article in the London Free Press today.   You can read it here.  I’ve also posted it below for when it disappears.

Four novellas about the apocalypse will be released online today, just in time to provide a scary read on Halloween.

Four fiction writers, including a Londoner, are releasing their work — jointly called Women of the Apocalypse — online as they say it helps them reach more people.

“While we’ll be available at select book stores in the region, our website allows us to reach across North America,” said Ryan McFadden, the Londoner in the group.

The Internet is not only helping the writers to reach further afield, it also helps the writers stay connected to each other.

“Luckily, in the digital age, distance mattered little in our collaboration. (The other writers) Eileen Bell, Billie Milholland and Roxanne Felix are all from Alberta. We conferred, brain-stormed, edited, critiqued and yelled at each other over e-mail,” McFadden said.

Writing in the fantasy genre, each writer was asked by the publisher, Absolute XPress, to develop a heroine and a destiny of saving the world, along with other similar details.

“The framework was designed so each writer could develop a novella in their own genre, which happened to all be fantasy, their own characters, with just a few unifying threads,” he said.

“And the last, and in a way most important, detail was that these four heroines were chosen by mistake. It was supposed to be four men, not four women, who would make a stand on behalf of civilization.”

In McFadden’s story his heroine is facing a biblical rider of the apocalypse (Death) to try to save the world.

McFadden said his challenge as the lone male in the group was to create a voice from a female perspective and to write about a female placed in a traditional male role.

He will hold a launch of Women of the Apocalypse at the Black Shire Pub on Nov. 4, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

To read the work, visit www.womenoftheapocalypse.com.