Ah, the yearly visit to the zoo. Well, the first visit to the zoo. So I guess Paige would say ‘the once every three year trip to the zoo’ but Cordelia would indeed say ‘the yearly visit to the zoo’. It’s all perspective, I guess.

I have three animal freaks on my hands. Cordy, even at the age of one, appears to be under going shock treatment every time she sees an animal. Considering we’re at the zoo she had a lot of shock treatments on Saturday. In other, non-related news, Cordelia no longer exhibits any form of dementia. Yay, Cordy — you’re big girl now!

Paige liked to hold the snakes. The constrictor. Because if you’re going to hold a snake around the throat, why not a constrictor? Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures of her battling the rhinos or playing with cobras (hey, it’s a liberal zoo).

Then it was off to the splash park to cool down. The splash park (included with admission) is a grand park where the kids can run around, re-enact Lord of the Flies (which they did…should’ve seen the little guys fighting over the conch shell…so cute).

Paige got so excited at the splash park that when it was time to go, she decided to try to run and hide behind the biggest object she could find. Luckily, I snapped this picture moments before she disappeared — otherwise she could’ve stayed hidden for hours.

And Kari was gazing lovingly at me the whole trip.