Here’s the latest rejection letter. Kind of similiar to all the rest (with a twist). Send the query letter, followed by three chapters, followed by the manuscripts. And then I receive this back:

Unfortunately, while I found a good deal to admire in your work, I’m sorry to say I will not be able to offer representation at this time. You’re clearly a natural born storyteller, with fantastic hooks for each of your projects. Of the three, THE NAMELESS had the most potential — I really enjoyed Logan’s voice, and you established a great sense of mystery through Logan’s mysterious dreams. But I’m afraid that overall I never really clicked with the writing, which didn’t feel dynamic enough to truly engage me in the various narratives.

Why is this one different? Because for once the agent actually preferred the character to the writing. All the complaints thus far have been about the characterization. I’ve really been working on that. Since I sent her the chapters, I’ve revamped the NAMELESS again…to such an extent that I think the characters are the best I’ve ever done.

I’m currently at 82,000 words. I’m thinking this novel will come in around 100,000…so I’m actually pretty close. This is a difficult one to write but I think that I could generate some interest in it (don’t I always say that?).