Maw of the Defilers — the second novel I wrote and one that I still have a soft spot for. I think the story was pretty cool, and it blended aspects of high fantasy with horror.

I sent the first chapter and the synopsis off to Kunati Press here in Canada. Their process is different than other publishing houses. It is read by three people. If all three give it a thumbs up, then they ask to see the rest.

On Friday, they asked to see the rest. So off it goes to them.

Now, before anyone gets excited, the chances of Maw finding a home at Kunati are extremely slim. Not because the book sucks (I’m quit fond of it) but more because I don’t know if it’s their cup of tea. While they only publish commercial fiction (a rarity for Canadian publishers), they have a drive to publish cutting edge (think Fight Club). And sadly, Maw of the Defiler isn’t like that (think Pirates of the Caribbean).

It’s action/adventure with some themes of destiny versus determination — but nothing too crazy. So I’ll send it off, and I’ll probably hear back in three months.

Still, it’s the first positive news I’ve had in a long time…so I’ll take anything I can get.