Well, it definately has been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve kind of forgotten, which is pretty lame. My writing life is pretty busy right now — not necessarily important, but busy.

Two big time agents want to see The Nameless (the one I’ve renamed about fifty times). I sent them a couple of chapters. These agents are through the Maui Writer’s Group. You have to pay for the service to get through the slush pile. At this point, I’ll pay it.

Maw of the Defilers came back from the editor. It’s pretty awesome if you ask me. She did a fabulous job. I bought a Writer’s Market and now it’s time to start sending it out, as well.

A lot going on, so at least I’m still moving (perhaps not moving forward, but moving nonetheless).

Nathaniel, Maw of the Defilers, and the Nameless. I’m going to take them all to the Writers Conference in September. Hopefully I’ll find a home for one of them somewhere.