I like to orgasm. It’s a good way to pass the time. Hey, I’m about to have an orgasm! Nope, false alarm. No, seriously, I’m really close! No, the bathroom door has been flung open and someone appropriately embarrassing is standing there. Damn, no orgasm. So close.

And so it is when magazines continue to tell me I’m in second round consideration. It used to be ‘wow, I’m so close’. Now when I’m alerted to second round consideration, it’s more like ‘I’m so close but they’re not going to let me in’.

Dignity Memorial is in second round consideration at Abyss and Apex. This is one tough mag to get into. And I’ve been in second round hell…I mean consideration, twice there before. So it’s good that I’m getting this far, but one can only take the ‘not-quite’ tease so many times.

Something’s holding me back from breaking through. It feels like when I discover what that ‘something’ is, the gates will open and I’ll finally get to…well…you know. Then I’ll roll over and go to sleep.