Finally got a rejection from Intergalactic Medicine Show. This is a biggie — would’ve given me a big-time credit. After 11 months, he finally gave me the heave-ho. The reason? Well, here it is:

The short reply to your query then is that I did pass on your story. I found your writing style to be very smooth, which is always a plus. But the pacing of the story was a little too slow for me, and though I thought the concept was an intriguing one, it felt a bit like a punchline and it’s very, very difficult to successfully string a punchline type story out over 40+ pages. Just my two cents worth.

Pacing — too slow? WTF? I’m not mad at the response. If he thinks it’s too slow, then for him, it’s too slow. But what astounds me is how often am I told — your stuff moves too fast, pacing too quick, slow it down…

Goes to show you that I shouldn’t be changing my writing style to suit anyone. Do what works best for me.