Our house is for sale. Again.

And it looks like we’re not going bankrupt. Again.


I’m sure Kari and I will look back on this as a grand adventure years from now…and laugh and laugh. Actually, now that bankruptcy is off the table, things already seem much more positive.

I remember reading a poll of 70 year olds (did I read it, or did someone tell me…hmmm, I’m getting old). Anyways, their number one regret was not taking enough risk when they were younger.

Well, we’ve gotten that out of the way!

So 520 Grosvenor is for sale. Again. Here’s the stunning new webpage (stolen by Brian): 520grosvenor.com. Rob and Marni Maxfield (who am I kidding, it was all Marni because Rob is lazy) did the fantastic sign, and I’ve found a service called myrealty.ca that will list your house on MLS.ca (the number one marketing tool) for 0.5%. I’m going to wait until mid-September to list on MLS, however. I might give it a go trying to sell this thing by myself first.

With an agent, we were trying to sell it at $419K. Without an agent, we’re trying to sell it for $399K. Basically, his real estate fees (5%).

And yes, I’m already feeling the itch to try it again. Becher Street and Emery street were both success stories. Grosvenor…well, not so much. I left my game plan (grass is always greener!).