The rough draft was sent to us by Brian Hades and we needed to go through, find any formatting errors, then send back to him for a round of copy editing.  Really, read this thing again?  I’ve read it about fifty times…so my enthusiasm is waning.  So,  I’ve decided to condense it for readability (from 20-thousand words).  Here it is in its entirety (read after the jump).

the arrow ripped through the chink in her armor and lanced into her belly. it squirmed and burrowed. deeper, deeper. she screamed and yanked out the infernal missile, the head spitting and the teeth gnashing. she tossed the vile thing into the mire and it slithered away.

the wound bled, bright red, and her life pulsed over her hands. she tried stifling the wound with her cloak but soon it became saturated and blood puddled at her feet.

she couldn’t stop the blood, and she died.