I started the Nameless on August 15th, 2001. Exactly six years later, I’m finished the first draft. This book has been on a grand journey. It first began as the name Ultrawonderful (for no real reason), then Kingdoms of the Baal-Shedim, then Shadow Reality, then Unknown, then The Nameless.

Entire characters changed (names, faces, backgrounds, personalities), plots switched (originally it was about a covert psychic war)…basically, the only thing that remained steady was the first chapter. It had characters that ended up in other books (Creed is a character in Curse of the Black Swan), and ideas that spawned other ideas (a project called Bullet Holes is based on the initial concept).

The Nameless, a dark fantasy novel of 98,500 words can best be described with two sentences:

What if you had the power to change on terrible event…remove it forever as it had never happened? What if that event didn’t want to be forgotten?

I’ll begin line editing it tomorrow, hopefully it’ll take a week (the first half has already been line edited) then off it’ll go into cyberspace to my critiquing group…then who knows what comes next.