I finished the first draft of Dead Letter Office. This is the third short story I’ve written since Banff. I’m a little late on this one (nearly two weeks) but that whole snip-snip/sick/Christmas/sick again thing really put me behind.

The Dead Letter Office is about Vernon Archer, an old man who holds considerable influence. When LaFage the Friendly interupts a board meeting, Vernon knows that he will have to repay a favor from 30 years ago….

I’d like to think this story is more of a combination of Sorcerer’s Wife and Drawing Dead. While The Sorcerer’s Wife was a bitter sweet journey, Drawing Dead was more of a fool’s journey. Dead Letter Office has combinations of both.

The Sorcerer’s Wife can be downloaded from my sister site of
Black Swan Press.com

Drawing Dead will be available very shortly.

Dead Letter Office will be available once I send it out to my critiquing group (you know who you are!).

Next up, is a return to actual fantasy (as opposed to urban). This next story will involve Nathaniel (the anti-hero from Curse of the Black Swan novel) and his mysterious past. He will face perhaps his most horrific advesary in Bartimus Glenn. More details to follow.