Lost in the chatter of my Women of the Apocalypse release is another project nearing completion.  Chicago Overcoat is an anthology of hard-boiled fantasy — and includes my short story entitled The Sorcerer’s Wife: Sam Madison, a hard-boiled rent-a-cop is hired to protect the corpse of a sorcerer. Unfortunately for Sam, Sorcerers have a tendency to not stay dead.

Received a note from the editor James Maddox that they’re going over the last of the layout and artwork and should be getting the final proofs soon.  Of course, this is a vastly different project than Women of the Apocalypse.  That one saw us give input on cover design, marketing, layout, proofing, etc.  This one our involvement is solely as writers.  Not better.  Just different.

If Chicago Overcoat finished by early November, however, I could also have them available at my book launch (a book launch that I’m preparing for now).  Wouldn’t that be cool — two projects released.