I’m doing the ‘con’ thing (wandering aimlessly through the parties, trying to find someone, anyone, I know) when I’m stopped by Renee (whom I had not met) and she says ‘you’re Ryan McFadden’.  Ummm, yes (not knowing whether it was a good thing, or a bad thing, to be Ryan McFadden — it really does change day to day).  ‘You didn’t win the Robyn Herrington contest this year.  Or last year.’

So I asked Renee how the judging works (still in a daze over not winning) — and she told me that the top 8 are picked.  Then they’re sent to the professional-level judges who determine the top five. Only the top five are considered ‘winners’. Seems that I made the top 8 both years.  In fact, I placed…6th, 7th, 8th.  Fantastic .  However, all was not lost.  Hayden Trentholm, his wife Liz, and Renee, all began to tell me stories of how they were known as Mrs Honourable Mention. The key to success — keep at it. Keep going, though the way may seem bleak. Because eventually, one day, you realize the last 10% to your journey, and suddenly, everything falls into place. It was nice because they got it. The face that the days of moral victories are long gone. The only thing that counts now is victory.