Hmmm, doesn’t seem I’ve posted a whole lot about writing lately. Is that because I’ve slipped and I’m not doing anything? Not exactly, and kind of.

My latest short story sits at 4100 words. It’s been sitting there for two weeks. As usual, it’s not going exactly as I had planned. Vernon Archer, the main character, just isn’t as sympathetic as I had hoped. So that’ll take some editing. Of course, sometimes I get caught up in editing before I’m even finished the story…which can be destructive in the whole process.

Now, some of the delay has been that thing called Christmas. Heard of it? Yeah, things were a little hectic. What with me being Joesph, Kari being Mary, and Cordy being Baby Jesus (and don’t piss her off, or just like in the bible, she’ll smite you with flying alligators).

Oh, and that Ipod thing has kept me plenty busy. Just, you know, fixing it, and stuff. Because I wouldn’t want to disappoint Kari. I don’t want her to think I don’t like it.

Anyways, I plan on heading back to the writing portion of writing today. Today I introduce the fiendish Doctor Penghoul to Vernon’s quest….