Bullet Holes. The title of my next story. Novel, short story, screenplay? I’m not sure. It would be best as a screenplay, but I don’t want to condemn it so that the only person that ever reads it is me.

Bullet Holes is only tentative…and only because I like the title. I don’t think it really has anything to do with the story. It would be a Dark Fantasy (real world with elements of the supernatural). Below is the basis:

There is one absolute truth that has mostly been forgotten or lost. A precious few have rediscovered this truth but mostly it sends them careening into madness and destruction. The only ones who can stand to witness it are those who are already slightly insane, or those filled with ultimate antipathy(thus, the good guys are all slightly bonkers and the bad guys are truly evil)

The truth is simple: we are moving inexorably towards decay and entropy; a world of suffering and deep anguish. There is no good, no higher powers, only a flawed system or reality: The collective consciousness that creates our dreams, that solidifies our thoughts and makes them ‘real’.

Most who find the truth find it through a twisted maze of untruths, wanderings, drugs, and hedonism.

Most only discover the Grand Ultimate Truth at one point in their lives: at death.

That’s where Sam Madigan comes in: Sam Madigan works at a chemical plant scrubbing out old tankers. Mind numbing yet dangerous job. A bad combination. He’d seen men have their environmental suits fail, their lungs liquifying and spewing out their mouths. It didn’t upset Sam. He’d seen worse.

In Mogadishu, in the blood of the anarchy, he saw the truth. And the truth didn’t set him free – it sent him slightly mad. But the pills only mad him worse…suicidal, murderous. The things he did when he was on his medication…no, it was better to be slightly crazy.

Of course, I have a whole cast of characters: Goblin (his disfigured handler); Judas (the first Vampire); Nicholas Colby (the only surviving member of Sam’s military unit back in Mogadishu).