Last weekend (yes, I know we’re mid-week now) we decided to celebrate ‘nearly being done renovating’ so we do what every celebrating-type person does — we burned things.

Burning things is fun.

I like to burn kid’s clothes. I get a particular shiver of excitement when the Mom is there to see me burning said clothes. I won’t name names, but Leslie didn’t look too impressed. Still, Addie wouldn’t give me her sweater to burn, but I’m sure it would’ve given a nice green aura to the fire.

But I digress.

Friday night we had friends over to dance around our fire. Our lot here is big, and considering it’s in the middle of the city, very secluded. There were lots of kids (Emmy, KK, Addie, Aidan, Paige, Cordy) — who all appreciated the marshmallows I gave them.

I knew the kids were hitting a high when Aidan looked at me, and inexplicably started to giggle. The giggle then ended in mad screams as Aidan and Paige proceeded to start fire to the lot (okay, I didn’t give them fire brands to play with — only because Laurie was giving me the look).

Multiple kids on sugar rushes is a good thing though. It means that they run around in circles, screaming, while the adults can finally relax around a fire…knowing EXACTLY where their kid is at all times.

The full cast of characters was on hand. John was the man and so he cooked the meat over an open flame. Leslie’s husband Mike accompanied her this time — probably because he knew that his wife was falling madly in love with me (hey, it happens). Brian also unleashed a barrage of Bee Doctor jokes on Doctor Mike (okay, it was only one joke, funny the first time…but not as funny the 50th…but trust me, by the time it’s told 100 times, it’ll be funny again).

Laurie WAS late (I keep track of these things)…and Charlene was trying to relax as KK ran around the lot (something about open fires and power tools making her nervous). And Danielle — well, Danielle was actually the one who threw the mitten in the fire…but I took the heat for it (no pun intended).

And to think, there wasn’t even any booze involved.