I’d like to report something on the writing front. Anything at all. Maybe that I’d written like…you know…even two words. Nope, not a thing. I have an excuse, I think. I’m lazy. Okay, maybe not, but I’ve been busy.

So we’re moving quickly at the new house — the renovations still continue. The bathrooms are coming along nicely (stalled for a while there), but we moved on Friday, unpacked, had John and Danielle over on Saturday (they ate insects for dinner….I tried to talk them out of it, but there they were cracking shells and slurping down the innards), then on Sunday was D&T’s baby shower. Hosted by us.

Mind you, the house is looking pretty good. Cleaned up the property, started tiling the basement, the garage is being re-roofed. Lots happening.

Except for writing.

I’m going away in Florida next week so I’m hoping to get some edits done for Curse of the Black Swan. And I want to start sending out The Sorcerer’s Wife as well as posting it on this site.

Ohhh, I did find time on Saturday night to take in a little Ultimate Fighting Championship. My favourite fighter George St Pierre (GSP) took on the hick Matt Hughes. We were on our feet, I tell you, as he claimed victory. Of course, the important thing is that this means there will be a UFC in Montreal in a few months. Road Trip.