…is an Ipod. Oh, yeah, and peace on earth and whatever.

But anyways, back to the goodies. Kari bought me an Ipod. Now, I’ve ALWAYS been a supporter of Apple and the Ipod. I was the one saying ‘no really, you guys should all buy one because it’s not just clever marketing…it’s not that you’re sheep…”

Okay, Ipod was my enemy. I battled them, staging one man boycotts, throwing eggs at vehicles with the Apple sticker on a window (that means you, John).

But damn it, the Ipod’s a good product. And now that I have one…well, it’s exceeded my expectations.

Another reason I wanted it, is I wanted an e-reader. I’ve found a few nifty programs that basically takes the note capabilities and turns it into a document. Of course, there is some converting from MS-Word to plain text (using Ascii characters to ensure that punctuation comes through correctly). But now, I can read works in progress, critics, other books (manybooks.com).

I downloaded a Thesaurus, a Dictionary, and some of Lovecraft’s works.