Okay, a new used car. We took in the Chevy Venture (we sold our Neon last year, knowing it was on its last legs…took that money and put it onto a lease for a minivan for a year). And now the Chevy Venture was due back to the dealership. Of course, when you have 75K in debt on high interest cards, people don’t want to give you car loans.

Luckily, with the house re-financing, everything worked out well (sounds easy — it wasn’t). We actually went to look at the Chevy Uplander. Another minivan. We really didn’t want a minivan, but they were CHEAPER than a car. How crazy is that? So we were filling out the forms to buy it, but it was taking forever…and so Kari went for a little stroll around the lot.

She came back into the office proudly and announced she had found our car. A 2006 Malibu Maxx. It’s NOT a station wagon. It’s a ‘stretch’ sedan with a hatchback. A big difference. What difference? Why, the name of course!

It is used. One year old, 25K kms, and the price was right (16,900) and because it was used, we saved on some tax and the freight. So another savings! And it’s large enough for all the kids, car seats, etc etc.

And it’s a V6, 214 hp sedan. Nice!

No more minivan for me. I’m a man again!